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“Both the OISE course and Teach Away platforms were very user-friendly and easy to navigate”

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OISE Course OISE University of Toronto TEFL review, submitted by Daniel.

I thought this course was great, and I’m glad I chose it over the other options because it was a good fit for me. I like how it was completely online and self-paced so I could work on it whenever I had time in my schedule. You have a full year to complete the course, so that worked well for me because I was also a full-time student at the time. There was no teaching practicum included in this course, but I still believe it provided me with enough knowledge to confidently teach and create lesson plans. Be careful not to press “Start Over” on the modules if you want to review them. I did this once on a journal entry submission and lost my grade for the journals. Thankfully, the team was very helpful and quickly helped me resolve the issue.

Both the OISE course and Teach Away platforms were very user-friendly and easy to navigate. Using both platforms, I found so much information about the course and about finding teaching jobs. I never felt lost or confused. I also applied to a “teach abroad” job in Spain through the Teach Away job board, and I’m excited for that adventure!

I’m recommending OISE and Teach Away for TEFL training and teaching abroad options.

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