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Premier TEFL review, submitted by Stacy.

My reason for choosing to take the Premier TEFL certification course online was that I read an article that was sponsored by this company. I had always wanted to branch out into a different employment field and teaching English felt like the right fit for me. I was happy with the cost of the course, and I had a good feeling from the company representative I spoke with on the phone, so I just went ahead and signed up. I did like how the course was presented and how I was able to study at my own pace. What I didn’t like, however, was the necessity to read through page after page of dense text. I’m a visual learner and would have benefited from a different approach. I also noticed some errors in the text, which did leave me questioning the authenticity of the course. Despite all this though, I did learn a significant amount of new TEFL information and the course did help me to develop my lesson planning skills. I already knew I wouldn’t be using the Premier TEFL job-finding service, because of the low-rated reviews, so I conducted an independent search for teaching jobs online and I found it wasn’t that difficult to find work. You do need to be persistent and keep bugging schools with emails, but it only took me a few months to get started so it is definitely doable. A tip for anyone reading this review is to clarify with your school how long a teaching hour is going to be. My school pays $15 US an hour, and that’s for a 45-minute lesson, so while $15 might not sound that great at first glance it is actually not too bad when you tally it up as a 60-minute class lesson.

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