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ITTT review, submitted by Mathilde.

I honestly didn’t know that you needed to get TEFL certified before you could teach English online, so it came as a bit of a shock to learn that I needed to take a course before I could start my job. I didn’t have any time to research all the different programs, so I ended up choosing the first one that showed up in my Google search. ITTT International TEFL TESOL Training. I think their headquarters are located somewhere in Southeast Asia because the envelope my certificate was delivered in had a Thailand postmark on it. The TEFL course was good and had some interesting activities which I’ll be sure to use with my students. Some of the teaching theory was also new to me too. Overall I enjoyed the course and it provided the segue for me to be able to officially start working as a teacher online. The only small gripe I had was with the extra charges for the online tutor and print and delivery of the certificate, but that was my bad for not reading through their website properly when I registered. When I take into account the complete price I paid, I would say it was well worth it. Definitely a program worth checking out if you need a TEFL certificate pronto.

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