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“I took their BASIC 100 HOURS course”

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OISE University of Toronto TEFL review, submitted by Paula.

I received the course as a Christmas present and I have recently completed the course. I took their BASIC 100 HOURS course. It cost just under $1,000 but my boyfriend was able to get a 20% discount, so the $800 in total wasn’t such a huge amount to pay for a course of this caliber. Especially when you see the ridiculously high fees some in-person TESOL programs are charging for the same qualification. Admittedly, this OISE course didn’t include a face-to-face teaching component but I’ve taught before so not having this included in the course wasn’t a deal-breaker for me. The only slight niggle that I have is that when you complete everything with the course, you then have to submit an online application to Teach Away. I would have preferred a more streamlined access to their jobs service. Teach Away has also been very professional and generally on the ball. Because of C-19, it is possible to teach abroad now but some of the entry restrictions for the countries where I would have hoped to get started teaching are at the mo just too restrictive and expensive. I’m told that this will change dramatically from the summer onwards when C-19 vaccine passports are going to make traveling a lot easier. Until then, I am perfectly satisfied with my work teaching English online.

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