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“as an expat living in Thailand they have been a clear route to getting back into the local workforce”

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Vantage TEFL Certification review, submitted by Alice.

I have been living in Thailand for almost 10 years, working in the hospitality sector. Nobody could have predicted the overnight extreme reduction in hotel and restaurant tourist numbers, and I for one never even thought of having a backup plan should things go south. I was really hoping the whole thing would blow over by the time the high season came, but December and January came and went without any major change in the numbers. It was then when I had to find another way to earn money temporarily and this was how I found the Vantage TEFL program. I found the program on They were up near the top of TEFL schools and the fact they had an office in Bangkok made them a no-brainer choice for me as an expat living in Thailand. I took the majority of the course online and then taught some teacher-student lessons online and I managed two in-person classes. The platform is very user friendly and anyone new to TEFL shouldn’t find the course over complicated. There are some difficult parts to the course, but it’s all explained well and help is available if needed. The modules are well structured with a very systematic progression of skills, and it was fun transferring the information into the face-to-face teaching component. I fully completed the course in February and have been teaching online (Thai students). The rules about which schools can open is still unclear, although I’ve heard about some teachers going back to in-person teaching full-time. I also hope to do this in the coming months. I’m giving the Vantage TEFL program the full five stars because for me as an expat living in Thailand they have been a clear route to getting back into the local workforce. Will I decide to make a career out of teaching? Probably not. But until everything opens up again this is a good second choice comfortable method of earning money.

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