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“OISE UoT TEFL was a really good experience”

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OISE University of Toronto TEFL review, submitted by Lori.

OISE UoT TEFL was a really good experience. The enrollment process was pretty seamless and I was able to start classes the following week. A lot was covered in the course and they also offer recommendations for further reading. The classes are very self-paced; meaning I was able to study at my own pace as opposed to attending a regular classroom program. The admin staff and tutors were good and very helpful. In moments that needed something, they did their best to get back to me. I never needed to wait more than a day or two for a full response back. The admin staff are also very good at getting your problems solved. I had a duplicate payment issue (my fault entirely) and was charged twice by mistake. I contacted my bank and they told me just to wait 30 days and then I would get back the money but when I contacted UoT they immediately rectified the error for me and I had the duplicate payment amount back in my account within 7 days. I also really appreciated the help provided by their partner company Teach Away, who worked with me on my teaching job objectives. I found it real easy to find a teaching online job after the course. This, in part, was because of the tremendous support that I received from Teach Away. I can recommend!

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