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3 star online tefl review

International TEFL Academy review, submitted by Jenny.

The course was excellent BUT I think the school really should be more open on their website about how demanding it is to take the course. It’s made out to be just like other online Tesol programs. In reality, it’s way more complicated than what my fellow teachers experienced when taking their courses. For starters, this isn’t one of your study-as-you-go programs. There is a specific start day and a specific time for when you have to have everything completed. 4 weeks in total. There is some room for maneuver between the scheduling, but not much. I also found the study platform extremely complicated to negotiate around at first. ITA uses an outsourced platform for their Tesol course and (no joke) they give you a few days just to familiarize yourself with how to work with this system. You get a hang of it after a few days, but that’s a few days of some serious hair-pulling moments. You should also account for the extra expense of paying for the certificate. If you can look past all this then I would recommend going with ITA. The tuition is top-notch.

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