tefl online pro – Teachers’ Choice Award winner, 2022

“If I had to give TEFL Online Pro a grade out of 10, it would be a 9”

4 star online tefl review

tefl online pro review, submitted by Kyle.

The enrollment with TEFL Online Pro was pretty easy. I paid via credit card and the whole process took just a couple of minutes. I liked how I got an immediate confirmation that my payment went through successfully and I also liked how I got immediate access to the course. You get given a username and password to access your course and logging in wasn’t difficult at all. The first thing I did was send a pm to my tutor to check to see if I really did have a tutor on the other end. He replied back almost immediately and seemed very friendly and helpful. I just needed help once during the course and he was great with his response. Really liked the course too. My only one criticism was that a couple of the quiz questions didn’t seem relevant to the module they were assigned to. Or they were, but they were just a bit too general for my liking. It took me 3 weeks to complete everything required of me. That’s 12+2 modules and 2 lesson plans. The lesson plan assignments for me stood out as the best aspect of the course. They got me prepared for teaching a live lesson. I got my soft-copy certificate and student recommendation letter the day after I completed all the course tasks and got the hard-copy of the certificate delivered to me a week later. Finding a job teaching online hasn’t been difficult with the certificate. I now teach for 2 separate schools and between them I teach on average 25 hours in the week. This allows me time for lesson planning and actually pays pretty good. If I had to give TEFL Online Pro a grade out of 10, it would be a 9. I made a good choice with this school.

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