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“Maximo Nivel was the company I chose to do my teacher training course through because they specialize in South America volunteer placements”

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Volunteer Abroad Bolivia Maximo Nivel TEFL review, submitted by Stuart.

Volunteer Abroad Bolivia.

Maximo Nivel was the company I chose to do my teacher training course through because they specialize in South American volunteer placements. The course took the form of online training and in-person teaching practice, the latter I completed in Costa Rica. This was before Covid so I don’t know how the in-person hours are arranged now. I gained a lot from both sections of the course. Doing the teaching practice in Costa Rica was a luxury that I could afford at the time and it was a luxury well enjoyed 🙂 I recommend it to anyone with the budget and available time. Costa Rica is such a gorgeous country and the staff down in Antonio Manuel were really helpful. After returning home to tie up loose ends I continued on to La Paz, Bolivia, where I volunteered as an English tutor. I have fond memories of the year that I spent in La Paz and I remain in contact with a few of my students on Facebook. I wasn’t paid for any of my teachings but I did get free food and board and a bit of pocket money for scheduled trips out to nearby sites and cities. The highlight of these was hands down Lake Titicaca. One of the other teachers and I did the walk from Copacabana town to Isla del Sol-catching a fisherman’s boat from the mainland over to the island- and that will be a memory hard to forget. Titicaca is the world’s highest navigable lake and this makes for crystal clear blue water. It was SO beautiful there! After my volunteer year, I did consider staying on to teach full-time hours for a language school that offered me work but the salary just didn’t make sense for me so I reluctantly left back home and have since been tutoring students online. Everyone should try volunteering once in their life- it really is a win/win for everyone involved.

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