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“The Open Academy TEFL course falls way short of teaching you teaching English basics”

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TEFL Online Cheap International Open Academy review, written by Esther.

TEFL Online Cheap.

When I signed up for this cheap TEFL course I sort of knew what I was getting myself into. I knew that the low price point of the course would need to be balanced out somewhere down the line and in the end my spidey senses were proved correct. This review isn’t about whether you should or shouldn’t take one of these bucket-priced courses but is rather just what my take from my experience was.

The standout positive was of course the course price. It was $19 for the course. On the Open Academy website, they list the course as being $119 but I found a great deal through Groupon and since taking the course the deal has remained the same on Groupon. My guess is that Open Academy list the price so high on their site that when you see the huge bargain over at Groupon you think you are getting an amazing deal. I mean you are getting an amazing price but I think the course is probably only worth $19 and I definitely would have to feel cheated if I had paid the quoted website price.

Open Academy doesn’t just specialize in TEFL courses. They offer many different types of courses ranging from ‘Master Herbalist’ (whatever that means) to Handmade Soap Making. All of their courses are heavily marked down in price on Groupon.

I was able to complete the course in one afternoon. You read a section of the text, take the multiple-choice quiz, and repeat. I did learn something about teaching English but it doesn’t take an Einstein to realize that a course that can be taken in one day will prepare you for a career in teaching.

At the end of the course, you print out your certificate. I thought it looked OK but my friends picked holes in it.

Oh and a few worthy notes here are that there wasn’t a live tutor and there wasn’t any after-sales support.

But then again it did only cost $19. What do you expect?

I think that if you just need a TEFL certificate to show in the face of an employer then this one might work for you. I really can’t comment on how recognized the certificate is because I haven’t tried using it yet, but Open Academy claim that it is “recognized internationally” and I have no way right now of verifying this claim.

What I can say is that this course will in no way prepare you for teaching.

If like me you want to make a living from teaching English and if you want to feel prepared enough for your students, I would look elsewhere and invest a bit more money in a course that will take you through all the ins and outs of what is required of a teacher of English. The Open Academy TEFL course falls way short of teaching you teaching English basics. TEFL and TESOL certification courses discount on

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