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MyTEFL review, submitted by Katelyn.

Stay away from this scam. I completed MyTEFL’s 120-hour TESOL course online and completed it shortly before my full-time seasonal work contract concluded for the year. I thought along with my 20+ years of work experience the MyTEFL certification would give me a better chance of getting a good online teaching job, but I was wrong!!!!! I soon found out no employers looked at the MyTEFL certificate as a real one. All I ended up with as far as MyTEFL goes is 4 wasted weeks of time and $200 down the toilet. I should have known better, with MyTEFL’s high-pressure sales tactics to take the course but I did not think about it. Also, MyTEFL outright lied about its program’s graduation employment numbers, salary stats as well as their so-called after-graduation employment help, i.e resume writing help and so on. I also should have been concerned about the grades I got for the written assignments. I was a well below-average student in high school and did in fact drop out in my senior year, yet even with no experience in the teaching field I was getting all A’s for my assignments. I saved everything and looking at them now, IMO they would get a C in high school at best. I bet thinking back now if I would have submitted a drawing of a happy face as an assignment it would have received an A as well. Do yourselves a favor people, and stay away from MyTEFL.

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