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“The Learn TEFL 150-Hour Master Course might seem a good deal at first, but when you calculate all the extra costs it just isn’t worth it”

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150-Hour Master Course Learn TEFL review, submitted by Jacqui.

I was teaching English online for a couple of years with my Learn TEFL 150 Hour Master Course Tefl/Tesol certificate and all was going well. The course itself was a bit too heavy on text reading, but I got through it and earned my certificate with a high grade. Learn TEFL even showed me places on the web where I could begin my online job search, which was really beneficial in getting me started. On a side note, I can recommend Palfish as a good company to teach for. They always paid me on time and for some reason, the students I got through them were more conscientious than my other students at other schools I taught for. So, for a few years, I was happy with the choice that I made to take the Tefl/Tesol with Learn TEFL.

Last year, though, I decided I’d had enough of teaching English online. You can call it burnout. Staring at a screen for too long and the long-term energy required to keep students motivated whilst being thousands of miles away contributed. Don’t get me wrong. I loved teaching online. But I think it’s only a viable option for one or two years and then the natural motivation leads you to want to explore new pastures. I had heard about the possibility of teaching English in China and applied for a bunch of positions on the East coast. Before I continue, a bit of background about myself. I have a college degree in Education, two year’s online teaching experience, plus, of course, the Learn TEFL certificate. But my applications were denied because my Learn TEFL certificate didn’t have a certificate number-making it was invalid for the employment process. When I contacted Learn TEFL, they offered to reissue my certificate, with a certification number, for $75. A reprint of a certificate I earned already for $75! In my mind this is extortion. What could I do? I had to bite the bullet and pay. The Learn TEFL 150-Hour Master Course might seem a good deal at first, but when you calculate all the extra costs it just isn’t worth it. When choosing a company to take your Online Tefl/Tesol course with, ask about whether they apply extra (hidden) costs. It will save you a headache later.

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  1. I think you are being unjustly harsh. Even though you had a degree in education, you found the course valuable. That makes the course sound really good to me. Your only complaint is about the unreasonably high fee for a numbered certificate in addition to the ‘plain’ one you already had. Were there any other unforeseen addition fees? (The LearnTEFL page lists the course as costing $285, which not on the high side at all. ) If this fee for something out-of-the ordinary was the only drawback, giving the program the lowest possible score is unjustified. I hope people looking at this program read your review rather than just looking at the score you gave it.

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