“The offer advertised doesn’t match with the services provided”

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International TEFL TESOL Training ITTT review, submitted by Steve.

International TEFL TESOL Training. The offer advertised doesn’t match the services provided.

ITTT is plastered all over the internet. I read reviews on Quora, Reddit, blogs, TEFL forums, and so on. I really wanted to choose the right school for me because the course I would take could shape the journey I took after. When I reviewed their online presence, I came away with mostly positive student alumni feedback. This was enough for me to take the plunge and purchase their flagship 120 hours TEFL certification online course.

Except for a few silly spelling errors I noticed in some of the module texts, the course is generally of a high standard. It seems most of these online TEFL schools adopt a similar teaching syllabus. But this one also included video tutorials. The quality of the videos was a bit of a disappointment largely because of the audio quality and partly because they came over as being outdated. ITTT should completely revamp its video tutorials to represent teacher expectations for 2020. Just MHO.

I wasn’t expecting to have to pay extra for the certificate at the end, and I also wasn’t expecting the delivery to take as long as it did. 5 weeks is just too long. Especially when the certificate is just a printed document with a couple of signatures added to make it look more plausible.

What disappointed me the most was when I eventually received my certificate. I reached out to ITTT for job placement and I received no reply back. To this day, I haven’t received any reply. and yes, I have been checking my Junk and Spam folders.

For what ITTT advertise on their website, I certainly didn’t receive the help that they claim they offer when it comes to finding work after the course. Instead, I was left to fend for myself. I didn’t mind so much paying for the certificate, but it would have been nice to have the support when I was searching for work and when I wasn’t sure really where I should look.

I did eventually find work, but it took me a lot of time and I can never be sure if I made a good choice because I have nothing to compare it with.

I’d give ITTT 3 stars for the course and minus 1 for what came after completing the course.

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  1. Hello Steve, I also did my 120 hour course with ITTT, submitted the summative task last week, but still haven’t heard from them- emails are returned, phone numbers don’t exist, whatsapp they don’t reply, have I been scammed? You said you finally got your certificate so i’m kind of hopeful could you please let me know how long it took them to contact you once you submitted the summative task ?- ITTT said 2 working days but its now a week ago, I’m really concerned, Thanks Steve

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