“I have not used their job-finding services yet – this is a review of the MyTEFL online TESOL course only”

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Job-finding services MyTEFL review, submitted by Jude.

I have not used their job-finding services yet – this is a review of the MyTEFL online TESOL course only.

I was really impressed at how the course was structured and how user-friendly it was.

Their study program consists of TESOL materials presented in attractively laid out modules; followed by multiple choice questions, which you need to pass 70% of to continue to the next module.

It’s very well presented. Funky even. And for a course costing this much, I was expecting this setup after reading through their website presentation.

I managed to pass the course with a high score grade – a combination of my hard work and (again) the way the course was set up.

For a course like this one, I don’t see why a tutor support element is needed. If you focus on and study through the materials effectively, I really can’t see how anyone can fail the course.

Adam, the MyTEFL go-to person, was really helpful when I was asking questions before committing to the course. I think he must be one of the main people behind MyTEFL because I see that he has written articles for MyTEFL on many TESL article sites dotted around the net. He was actually great, and I appreciated his in-the-know advice. I liked how he didn’t try to aggressively sell me on the job placement feature which MyTEFL runs parallel to the course.

I just wanted to get the certification under my belt and wait until the epidemic blows over, so (again) I can’t comment on their job-finding services.

Regarding the course though, I was absolutely satisfied.

I learned more than I had expected I would with one of these online courses which I was taking for the first time.

When push comes to shove and I’m ready to use the MyTEFL job-finding services, I’ll write an update on this review so others can tell whether it’s worth using this service or not.

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