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“Bridge TEFL was a good choice”

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Premier English Teacher Certification Bridge TEFL review, submitted by Oscar.

Premier English Teacher Certification. Bridge TEFL was a good choice.

The 210-Hour Teaching English Online + Practicum was the natural choice as I needed the basic foundations of an online TESOL course coupled with the teaching practice element. Bridge TEFL operate out of Denver, Colorado, so taking one of their courses also means being able to earn college credit.

The course took a month to complete in total – similar to a 4-week onsite TESOL course – but slightly cheaper and way more convenient. All classes are taught online, as is the teaching practicum. With the teaching practicum, I was teaching online students – something which I see is becoming more and more popular these days. I am looking forward to being able to teach face-to-face though. I think I would prefer human interaction in a classroom setting more than online tutoring. Online tutoring does have its benefits, such as not needing to travel to work and being able to cram more lessons into the day. I sometimes find though that it is difficult to motivate students online – especially if they don’t have me on full screen. The money is good though and I can’t complain. When the pandemic has died down I will probably head to Asia to work there as I’ve heard the money is fantastic and I love Asian culture too. In the meantime, though I’m satisfied teaching English online to (mostly) Asian students.

Overall I was pleased and I recommend the school.

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