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“A very disorganized teacher training program”

2 star online tefl review

TEFL Fullcircle review, submitted by Kathy.

TEFL Full Circle was a deflating experience – largely because it is a very disorganized teacher training program. Why did I choose this company? They have an excellent website and most of the questions which I needed answering were right their on their site. I then did a bit of digging around online and saw quite a few favorable reviews, so I made the decision to go with them for my TEFL training online.

I had a few problems paying for the course, but that was probably because I was paying for the course when abroad so my bank kept cancelling the transaction. When the payment did go through I was able to begin right away. So far so good. The only problem was that the course interface was completely different to the TEFL Full Circle website. They really, really need to update it because it’s very cumbersome and I also counted quite a few spelling and grammar mistakes. This isn’t something I would expect from a company training people to teach English! The subject matter was good though, and this is the reason for this 2 star review. If the organization was better, and if the website study interface worked better, I would be giving 4, or even 5 stars.

There were also some issues with submitting work. Twice, I spent time completing an assignment, only to receive a message later that both hadn’t been received and that I must submit again. Of course, I hadn’t saved my work because I didn’t think I needed to, so it was back to the drawing board again. Twice this happened to me. It was very, very frustrating!

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