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“Thailand is a fantastic place to teach English”

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TESOL course in Thailand Vantage TEFL Certification review, submitted by Nate.

TESOL course in Thailand.

I really have to write that I just love teaching English in Thailand. Thailand is a fantastic place to teach English! 🙂

I’m located in Chiang Mai. It’s technically a city, in the north of Thailand, with about 100,000 inhabitants. But while it is Thailand’s second-largest conurbation, it doesn’t have all of the negatives I experienced when I lived and worked in Bangkok. CM has more of a large town than a city.

When I was teaching in BKK, my daily journey to work took me an hour on a good day and an hour and a half to 2 hours if there was particularly bad traffic congestion. Traffic congestion is an unfortunate trade-off when working in BKK and on most days it took me about 3 hours to make the round trip from home to school and then back home again. The salaries are higher in Bangkok and there are beaches and islands pretty close by, but after getting my first teaching contract done and dusted I took the advise of a friend and traveled north to the much more chilled-out Chiang Mai.

For a 25-hour working week, I earn (take home) 32,000 Baht. This is roughly $1,000 US per month.

Things are a lot cheaper up here though and 32,000 is actually enough to pay for my rent, food, utilities, yoga, etc. You won’t become rich by teaching here, but who comes to Thailand to get rich anyway? I came for the friendly people, the landscapes, the weather, and the excellent food. Chiang Mai has it all.

I wholeheartedly recommend CM as a teaching destination and I also recommend Vantage TEFL, which I took my TEFL through. Having the Vantage TEFL certificate has been the passport I needed to get started in Thailand.


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