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“The TESOL certification process took me a week to complete”

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Premier TEFL review, submitted by Matthew.

Overall this was a good experience and I don’t have anything negative to write about Premier TEFL. The TESOL certification process took me a week to complete. I calculated that I spent about half the advertised hours to complete the full course, in the region of between 50-60 hours. I was satisfied with this as I was requested by my school to get the certificate asap and I was wanting to complete the studies in the shortest amount of time as possible. A few of the quiz questions didn’t pair up well with what was presented in the module texts, but overall the material was on-topic and the quiz questions were a fun and engaging way of revising the material covered and passing to the next module. It’s a fully automated course and my one main compliment of it was that passing from one module to the next wasn’t dependent on somebody needing to take time to manually grade my progress. Having taught for quite a bit already, I didn’t find the course material to be so demanding, but I’d imagine some parts of it would be to others who have little to no TESOL experience. The course doesn’t provide any extra features, such as job support, but I didn’t need this. I did need to pay something for the certificate. I can’t remember exactly how much it was now, but I don’t remember it being so expensive. I had a couple of questions during the time when I took the course and I got responses back after a couple of days. All in all, a decent TESOL online option.

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