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“I truly enjoyed this program”

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Bridge TEFL review, submitted by Jennifer.

I truly enjoyed this program and the year I took abroad when I taught English in Valencia, Spain.

I remember some friends kind of raising an eyebrow when I mentioned I was taking the TEFL course online, but it totally worked out for me. It was so convenient studying online and the support was there if I needed to ask a question. The school which employed me didn’t bat an eyelid when I told them I’d done an online TEFL, so I really can’t see how it matters whether you take the TEFL online or in a class. If you take it online, you have a lot of flexibility and it’s way cheaper too

When I completed the course and was finally ready to move abroad the no-brainer option for me was Spain. I had always wanted to travel there and to be able to live and work there too was too good an opportunity to miss out on when I still had the chance to do so. So, I started interviewing for jobs in Madrid and Barcelona. There definitely wasn’t a shortage of work around and I soon had a few job offers under my belt. Then, I began reading more about Valencia (350 km south of Barcelona) and the city gradually began to win me over.

I highly recommend teaching English in Valencia.

It’s Spain’s third-largest city but has a smaller city vibe to it. It’s a beautiful city and easy to get around either on public transport or simply by walking. Crime also isn’t such an issue here as it can be in Madrid and Barcelona. The big draws for me though were the city beaches and the way you could easily meet (very friendly) people. I was teaching a 30-hour week and earning €20 per hour, so I managed to pay for everything I needed and still had money left over for trips out of the city each end of the month.

An excellent experience!

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