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Professional TESOL certification course tefl online pro review, submitted by Andrew.

I recently completed the Professional TESOL certification course through Tefl Online Pro and I recommend this program to anyone wanting to get TESOL/TEFL certified.

Compared to a lot of the other TESOL/TEFL programs offering the 120-hour course I thought Tefl Online Pro offered the best value for money. I enrolled in March, just when the pandemic was picking up, and completed the course two weeks later. I’m not certain whether it usually takes the average person two weeks to complete, but I did it this time by studying in the evenings and working through the (two) weekends. A special mention has to go to Paul Murphy, the Tefl Online Pro Operations Manager because he was outstanding with his replies. He was so quick getting back to me and so helpful! I really felt in good hands on this Tefl Online Pro course program and Paul was just exceptional.

It was also very convenient to take the entire course online.

When you sign up, Tefl Online Pro email you your password and username to type into the website and start your course. I think it took a couple of minutes only to receive this information after paying for the course. The subject material does get pretty intense at times, especially in the grammar and phonetics modules, but overall I didn’t feel that I was becoming unnecessarily overwhelmed by the content. It’s not an easy course, but it’s certainly manageable. I went into the course without any previous teaching English knowledge or experience and I passed with a 92% total grade. So don’t worry if you haven’t studied TESOL/TEFL before. They explain everything very clearly and when you do get a bit unstuck you have the online tutor help option with fast response times.

I will want to teach overseas but because of Covid, I’m teaching online until the world starts opening up again. I currently teach 18 hours per week and earn an average of $28 US per hour. I’m pretty satisfied with this arrangement for the time being.

The Tefl Online Pro Professional course was an excellent experience and I highly recommend this program.

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  1. Thank you so much for writing your review, Andrew.

    We really appreciate you taking the time out to share your experience of the tefl online pro 120-Hour Professional international TEFL/TESOL certification course.

    We look forward to working with you again in the future!

    Kind regards,

    Paul Murphy

    Operations Manager
    Teachers’ Choice Award winner, 2019 | 2020

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