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“This is hands down the best TEFL school in Thailand”

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Hybrid TEFL Combined Class Vantage TEFL Certification review, submitted by Ray.

Hybrid TEFL Combined Class. This is hands down the best TEFL school in Thailand.

I moved to SE Asia in 2015 to follow the usual tourist route through Malaysia, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, and Thailand. The original intention was to travel for 6 months and then return home to settle and get a “proper job” but the travel bug got to me, as did SE Asian culture. I have a 3-year Bachelor’s, so I knew I could extend my stay in the region by teaching English. I thought I could wing teaching with just the degree for credentials. I thought wrong. It turned out that there was a lot more to teaching than just conversation and I very quickly realized I was way out of my depth with even a basic understanding of how to teach grammar. After a year of pretty much failing as a teacher in Vietnam, I moved to Bangkok and decided to take a TEFL class. I took the class because I didn’t want to be that teacher that students complain about for not being able to teach properly. Vantage TEFL was a name that kept popping up in my online search, so I arranged for an appointment at their Bangkok branch and came out of that meeting having put down the full course payment. The course was truly excellent. Apart from teaching me everything I should have known before I had even set foot in a classroom, this course also covered important classroom management techniques. The feedback on the classroom teaching practicum was also invaluable. Everyone at Vantage was very professional, very positive, and very supportive. This is the program that you need to train through if you need to take your TEFL in Thailand.

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