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Is ICAL TEFL legit?

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Is ICAL TEFL Legit ICAL TEFL review, submitted by Stacey.

Is ICAL Tefl legit? I had no problems with this program.

A friend of mine recommended I take the Tefl certificate because I was out of work and I desperately wanted to save money and travel. It was the first I’d heard about Tefl and at first, it seemed a bit too good to be true. I mean, travel and earn money? It sounded like pie in the sky. And then I looked into it more and realized that the opportunity was real and that people have been teaching English overseas for decades.

After Googling ‘Tefl course Canada’ I found the ICAL Tefl site and it seemed pretty legit to me. So I went for it. I paid and began just like that. Oh, and (btw) the course I took was one of their online courses. 120 hours. It actually took me a little longer than 120 hours to complete, but my Tefl certificate is a 120-hour one. This seems to be the standard number of hours that employers look for.

I enjoyed taking the course. There was help from my online tutor whenever I needed it. The way the course works is very smooth and the whole thing just makes a lot of sense. I didn’t come away from it feeling more confused or anything like that. There were some very difficult parts, but the tutor option was really helpful in regards to showing me a clear path through what I labeled the Grammar Jungle.

The course and service from ICAL Tefl were a really pleasant experience. I recommend!

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