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ITTT was a great choice ITTT review, submitted by Bob.

ITTT was a great choice! Overall I was very satisfied. If you are wanting to take your TEFL online, I recommend taking a look at the offer from ITTT. There are many companies offering TEFL online now, but ITTT is one of the more reputable companies.

I chose to do the TEFL through this company because they have a sizable presence in South Korea and this was where I had my heart set on teaching. The course was excellent and I don’t have anything negative to write about it.

When I completed the course my certificate arrived within a couple of weeks and then I applied online to teach in the metropolitan area of Seoul (SMOE Program) If you are going to be teaching in S. Korea, you really should teach in a university. There are also schools called Hagwons [haɡwʌn] in S. Korea, but I heard a lot of negative feedback on these. They are basically cram schools and are unregulated, so if you end up teaching for a bad hagwon (that may not pay you on time) there is little recourse if things go south. When you teach at a university, you have more job security and you also receive additional benefits, like paid holidays and free health coverage. You can also earn a really generous income over there. I taught in Seoul for a year and in that time I managed to save up $10,000 (US).

ITTT is a great choice! South Korea is a great choice!

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  1. I want to teach in South korea too but Unfortunately, I don’t have a BA or an Associates (which I know you can teach in South korea through their Talk program w/ just 2 years of study+ I’m not an english native speaker) anyway I’ve just been contemplating if getting the TEFL certification is worth it being that many countries require a BA. At the moment college isn’t in the cards for me financially & I think TEFL is a great opportunity to do something worthwhile . In a year or two I do plan on going back to school for my BA but that’s 4 years simply to open up the door to teach in more countries when in 4 years I may not want to teach anymore. I guess this is a preference thing but I’d appreciate your advice.

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