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“I thought the way the course was designed was very clear and to the point”

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Is Oxford Seminars legit?

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Is Oxford Seminars legit Oxford Seminars review, submitted by Amanda.

Is Oxford Seminars Legit? I thought the way the course was designed was very clear and to the point.

This course is actually two courses in one. The first part (60 hours) is taken as in-class sessions with teaching practice, and the second part (60 hours) is taken online. Had I known that employers accept certification from a school only providing the online part then I probably wouldn’t have paid the extra for the in-class tuition. However, the in-class part was extremely well run and I don’t have any regrets about making this purchase.

Perhaps I was lucky, but my teacher was excellent. She guided our group from the basics up and patiently showed us how to incorporate the information learned into creative and fun lessons. Coming into the course I had absolutely no idea how to present language and how to manage a class. All this was patiently explained and by the end of the 60 hours, I felt ready for the second part of the course, which was the online section.

I also really liked the online section too. It really digs deep into the nuts and bolts of teaching and it taught me a lot about my own language too! This is the first time I studied for a certificate online and the next time I have to do something similar I will also choose the online option. It’s so comfortable being able to study when you want. Definitely the bonus of learning online by yourself.

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