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Let’s TEFL Ultimate TESOL Let’s TEFL review, written by Lauren.

Let’s TEFL Ultimate TESOL.

I was fairly satisfied taking the Let’s TEFL 120-hour Ultimate TESOL course – an online course that doesn’t require you to travel to classes to complete it. The email back and forth with the school was without issues and they came across as approachable and answered my questions satisfactorily. My only gripe with the course was how it was a text-heavy format. There weren’t any videos at all. I really felt that there should have been video content because I grew a bit tired of just reading text after a while. Still, for the price, I think it was a good investment and I can’t fault the content presented in the course.

Each module has a 75% pass rate, so to reach the next module you need to pass at least 75% on the previous one. The quiz questions were, I have to admit, very easy. This would be good for anyone wanting an easy course to take which seemed to me virtually impossible to fail. I could have done with more challenging questions though… But again, the content was a very good overview of teaching and as a bonus, in the end, there is an additional course you can take which looks at job hunting and getting your resume up to the standard required for ESL job interviews.

I was happy with what I received and I don’t have anything really negative to write about the Let’s TEFL Ultimate TESOL course.

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