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“The Bridge TEFL course was good”

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Bridge TEFL review, submitted by Greg.

Firstly, let me get the part I didn’t like about the course out of the way.

When I was emailing to gather more information about the course, the responses were generally very fast and detailed. After I paid and when I needed help from my online tutor, the responses were generally slow and felt automated. I know that it’s a big company and they can’t possibly channel all of their efforts into replying to existing customer questions, but this is an education facility and I did hope to receive much better feedback – especially when it came to my lesson plans. So if you are reading this Bridge TEFL, I would recommend improvement in this area.

And now, what I really liked about the course.

It is a very interesting course and really simplifies well the often very complicated subject matter – grammar being the obvious area where things become trickier. The format of the classes is really well-designed and the course has a serious feel to it. No TEFL mill feeling here. What I particularly valued was the intelligent progression of the course content structure; starting off light and simple and progressively becoming more difficult as you proceed. Each module signs off onto another module which feels organic and the logical next step – the result of this really smart system is that the impact of entering a difficult part of the course seems positive because you can see there is a method and the previous modules will have prepared you for it.

The Bridge TEFL course was good. It’s just a shame the feedback let them down a bit.

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