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“A complete waste of time”

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Is TEFL Graduate legit?

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Is TEFL Graduate legit TEFL Graduate review, submitted by Noah.

Is TEFL Graduate Legit? A complete waste of time.

The 72% TEFL course discount TEFL Graduate runs on a continuous basis throughout the year should be enough to put you off taking a course through this program. What seems like a great deal at first glance isn’t when you look twice.

I found the TEFL Graduate staff rude and aloof. They charge extras for everything. Even for the certificate, which looks at best like a certificate ripped off of some far-flung corner of the internet and the TEFL Graduate logo added to make it seem all legit and above board.

You will be able to use the certificate. I did. My school only wanted to know if I had a TEFL certificate or not. However, you won’t learn anything on this course of real significance. When you calculate the extra costs this turns out not to be the cheap deal you thought you were getting.

TEFL Graduate demonstrated to me that they just don’t care about you once you’ve paid and started the course. They never answer emails. Never pick up the phone.

This is one of those TEFL mill courses I’d heard about and foolishly thought I’d avoided. If you are desperate for a quick fix TEFL certificate then ok, do it. If you want to learn about TEFL properly, so you feel properly prepared when you start teaching, don’t go with TEFL Graduate. I’ve been teaching for over a year now and whenever I want to have a laugh I show my TEFL Graduate certificate to my other teachers and we just fall into fits of laughter. Just type into Google TEFL certificate template and there you have the TEFL Graduate certificate, minus their logo.

I’m actually thinking about whether or not I should take another TEFL course because I just don’t know if the next school I apply to will have the same blase attitude to the quality of the certificate as my current school did.

Folks, please avoid these ridiculously cheap Groupon TEFL courses. I paid about $50 for mine, advertised as an 80% discount off the retail price. I know for a fact Groupon receives 50% of the sale, so the course was being offered for $25. Think about it. Would you pay for a foreign language 120-hour course $25? No, neither would I. Well, I did. But that’s my point. These Groupon cheapo courses are cheapo for a reason.

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