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Is ITTT TEFL legit ITTT review, submitted by Margaret.

Is ITTT TEFL Legit? ITTT TEFL course feedback.

ITTT TEFL is definitely legit. They offer a solid online study program which leads to the all important TEFL certificate – an essential if looking to teach English overseas. I enjoyed the course study format. It’s easy to log into and not complicated in the slightest to work through. I paid the extra for tutor support with video tutorials, but I would recommend just going with the standard 120-Hour course without these extras. Unlike a lot of these TEFL programs, ITTT TEFL help you with job placement services. It was always my dream to teach English in South Korea so that was my target when I signed up and I eventually did end up teaching there. I would definitely recommend South Korea as a teaching destination. The money is excellent, the students are (mostly) motivated, and you get paid for vacation time and national holidays if you teach at a university (like I did.) I’m not sure how things look there now because of COVID-19, but I would imagine they will cautiously begin opening up the country again to foreign teachers possibly from September or October. I taught in Seoul for one year and then returned home to work in a completely different career field, but I’m still in contact with some of my students and I know if I ever go back then I’ll have some great friends to hang out with while I’m there. When I completed the ITTT TEFL course I was offered an additional free course if I left a video testimonial. I chose not to, but see on their school website that a lot of people do choose to do so. I think this is one of the better companies to train with and light years ahead of those cheap Groupon courses which I see advertised more and more online these days. Teach English in South Korea and you won’t regret having made the decision.

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