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Is Teflen legit Teflen review, submitted by Oliver.

Is Teflen Legit? A good Online TESOL course option.

I feel the best description of the Teflen Online TESOL course should go along the lines of that it will get the job done but don’t expect any particularly amazing customer service. This isn’t necessarily a negative if you are reading this and just wanting to get the TESOL certificate and nothing else but I did have a few issues along the way and I never did get replies back to my questions. Oh, and Teflen, you really need to update your Facebook Page because as of today you have made zero posts this year on it! And also, disabling the Facebook review tab doesn’t look good. Just my 2 cents worth here. I’m not trying to go out of my way to be critical. Actually trying to be of some help.

OK, but as I wrote, if you are just wanting the TESOL certificate and aren’t after all the bells and whistles of customer service then I would recommend this course because of what they teach you.

So this 4-star review is for the course, not the overall experience.

To be honest, I would have given the course 5 stars but Teflen was having server issues when I took their 120-hour course which resulted in the system being down for a couple of days and also resulted in having some of my saved work erased.

But again, the course is bordering on excellence.

I was a total noob enrolled in the Teflen course and had absolutely zilch knowledge of TESOL. Nada.

The course starts off nice and easy – building up gradually – and by the end, I was honestly surprised by how much information I had attained. The videos were really cool. As was the layout of the unit texts.

You do pay for the certificate at the end and you won’t get any help in any way with the next stage of job hunting, but when I read some of the reviews here I see quite a lot of schools follow this business model.

When I did begin teaching I often referred back to the Teflen course units. After 2 years of teaching, I’m still using some of the activities which were presented in the course.

Is Teflen legit? Yes, it is. As legit as most of the other Online TEFL TESOL courses you will probably run into while you research online.

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