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“Is Vantage TEFL Legit? This is one of the best TEFL TESOL options if you want to teach English in Thailand”

Is Vantage TEFL Legit?

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Is Vantage TEFL Legit?

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Is Vantage TEFL Legit Vantage TEFL Certification review, submitted by Patricia.

Is Vantage TEFL Legit? This is one of the best TEFL TESOL options if you want to teach English in Thailand.

I’m not sure how recognized this certification is worldwide, but what I know for certain is that it is recognized throughout Thailand and I would strongly recommend taking this TEFL TESOL course if you have your sights set on teaching English over here. I’ve applied for a few jobs, all over Thailand, and all the language schools I applied to knew of the existence of this school. I can, therefore, confidently write that Vantage TEFL has a pretty good reputation throughout Thailand.

Vantage offers a combination TEFL TESOL course; meaning you take part in it online and take the teaching practicum in the center of Bangkok. Their offices are easy to find and I personally never had any issues with their office staff. Every time I contacted them (in person or through email/telephone) they were professional and forthcoming.

I chose to stay in Bangkok and teach. One thing to bear in mind is that schools will start you off on only a few hours per week, but after a month or so (when they see you are reliable) they will inundate you with lessons. Private students are pretty easy to pick up too, but I gave all mine to a friend last year because I just wasn’t prepared to put up with the constant cancellations and time changes. When you teach for a school, you have a definite schedule and if a student cancels last minute (as they often do) it means you still get paid.

Thai students are amazing to teach. Thailand is amazing. I recommend Thailand as a place to teach English.

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