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University of Toronto TESOL Online OISE University of Toronto TEFL review, submitted by Angie.

University of Toronto TESOL Online.

This course prepared me well and it was possible to complete all coursework on my iPad; a bonus as I was traveling S E Asia when I took the course. Of course, working on a laptop would have been easier; still worked well on the iPad though. Theoretically, I could have taken the course on my iPhone as well. I guess it really depends on what works best for each individual. Well, the basic gist is that it isn’t necessary to have to physically travel to a school to take this course and this was one hell of a major benefit for me at the time. The course (and the iPad) were a birthday gift from my partner, so taking this course was a super enjoyable experience. I’d say my fondest memories of the course were completing the quizzes and journals because they give you the opportunity to use the taught course content in the real-life application; something I have kept with me until this day, in the teacher files I created while I made my way through the course.

I also wanted to just add that Christie from the UoT/Teach Away office was a great help. The staff office came over as very caring and supportive.

This isn’t a walk-in-the-park course; you WILL need to apply yourself. But the course creators obviously had the student in mind when they designed it because it is divided into manageable portions and follows a logical pathway all the way up until the end. I had a really great time taking this course!

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