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Is TEFL Fullcircle Legit?

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Is TEFL Fullcircle legit TEFL Fullcircle review, submitted by Jessica.

Is TEFL Fullcircle Legit? More assistance with job-finding opportunities would have been appreciated.

In hindsight, one of the main issues I have with the TEFL Fullcircle online TEFL/TESOL certification course program is the pricing. If you order directly from the TEFL Fullcircle website, the price of the course is a bit hefty. If you order the TEFL Fullcircle course with a Groupon voucher (through Groupon) it takes a while before you actually begin the course because you need to go through the lengthy process of registering with Groupon as a third-party website which TEFL Fullcircle have chosen to offer their courses heavily discounted through. I think I paid $48 for my course and considering the fact that Groupon skims 50% off in commission fees, it does lead one to question the legitimacy of charging so much for this course without the Groupon voucher. I found TEFL Fullcircle by typing ‘cheap TEFL online’ into Google, but it would have been wiser, again in hindsight, if I had instead shelled out a bit more and paid for a course that provided more interaction and a much better learner experience. If you are just out for a piece of paper with the word ‘TEFL certificate’ written on it then why not do the TEFL Fullcircle course? But putting it mildly, you are likely not to finish the TEFL Fullcircle course with a sense of satisfaction that you are that much more knowledgeable in TEFL. They issue you the certificate (free of charge) up to 10 days from the date you finish the course, but badger you during that time to pay $20 for a sped-up delivery. I’d imagine most people pay the $20. I felt this was a bit underhanded by TEFL Fullcircle. To sum up: if you just want a piece of paper claiming you are a wizard in TEFL (despite not being one) then why not? If you are searching for a course that will sufficiently educate you in TEFL in an interactive way and continue to support you after you finish then this isn’t the right course for you and I’d recommend going with a different TEFL school.

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