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Is Bridge TEFL Legit?

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Is Bridge TEFL legit Bridge TEFL review, submitted by Sara.

Is Bridge TEFL Legit? Bridge TEFL 120-hour Master Diploma certification course student feedback.

The Bridge TEFL 120-hour Master Diploma certification course online was a thorough, detailed program and it became obvious to me as soon as I began the course that a whole lot of thought had been placed on the content when the people designing the course were putting it together. It’s very well-structured in that each module reflects a building on information contained within the previous unit. Even though it took a good couple of weeks to receive any kind of feedback on my work, when I did receive it my tutor was extremely helpful and thorough. The 120-hour course is labelled as being a ‘Master Diploma’ but the reality check is that this is a run of the mill 120-hour TEFL course and the term ‘Master Diploma’ is purely for marketing purposes. It’s just not possible to transform into a Master of TEFL after studying a 120-hour TEFL|TESOL course. The course does, however, go into real detail. The learning platform is a mixture of texts and video tutorials and despite the quality not always being the best (this could have been down to my internet connection at the time) the visual learning experience symbiotically fits perfectly with the nitty-gritty complexities of the text content. This definitely has to be one of the more serious 120-hour TEFL|TESOL online certification courses on offer on the web.

The only disappointment was after I received my certificate and then never heard back from Bridge TEFL again. I would have liked to have been able to access the course longer and any employment search support would have helped immensely as I hadn’t a clue really where the best places to teach were and what scams I should be looking out for during the employment process. This is an area where Bridge TEFL should improve on. But otherwise, apart from this, I give the Bridge TEFL 120-hour ‘Master’ Diploma a high grade.

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