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“5 stars for the course. 1 star for their job placement. 3 stars overall”

3 star online tefl review

Premier TEFL review, submitted by Michelle.

5 stars for the course. 1 star for their job placement. 3 stars overall.

This was a very good course to take because it was a) fairly cheap, b) easy to navigate, c) came with tutor support, d) provided me with the international tefl certification. I didn’t need to contact the school during my course study as I had no serious questions, so can’t comment on that side of their business, but my online tutor was required a couple of times and they got back to me both times within a few days and with the help I needed. I really can’t fault the course as it worked for me and I don’t have anything to compare it against.

The issues arose though when I accepted a place on their Thailand job placement program. I found myself teaching at a school that didn’t value its teachers as much as I would have hoped for, and I soon found out that the salary I was earning was below average. Needless to say that I left the school as soon as the contract had run its course.

Since then, I’ve taken a more thorough look online and, as far as I can see, only 3 TEFL programs operate in this manner: Premier TEFL, ITTT TEFL, University of Toronto TEFL/Teach Away. I can’t comment on the last 2 programs but if they run the same job placement service as Premier TEFL then I wouldn’t sign up with them, or do sign up to take a course with them but don’t use their job placement services. You will always be much better off searching for a job either on your own, or with a program that helps with job support but that doesn’t place you directly in a job. Lesson learned.

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