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“Premier TEFL 120-Hour online review.”

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Premier TEFL review, submitted by Toby.

Premier TEFL 120-Hour online review.

I opted to take the 120-Hour TEFL certification course through the Premier TEFL international program due to what I read online: that 120 hours is the standard number of hours required by employers around the globe. I noticed some TEFL providers advertising 180-Hour and even 240-Hour courses, but I couldn’t find anywhere why or how those extra number of hours would add in any way to your resume. So it was the 120-Hour for me. Premier TEFL were helpful before, during and after the course, and I found little difficulty in finding work almost immediately after completing this course. I was actually surprised at just how much teaching English work is available worldwide. So much so that I was pretty much able to pick and choose exactly where I wanted to teach. Because of this, I didn’t need any help from Premier TEFL to find teaching work, but if you do need help then I read on their website that they do provide this service. Teaching English abroad is definitely one of the best decisions that I’ve ever made. Do it!

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