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“It’s a scam, and I will be writing to the university to complain, and to my bank to begin a chargeback process.”

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2 star online tefl review

OISE University of Toronto TEFL review, submitted by Identity Hidden.

Because of their reviews transparently labeled on their website; because it was (supposedly) a University Education TEFL Program; because it was the most expensive Online TEFL course on the market; because they were so nice to me at the start with my questions about enrollment and employment, I borrowed the money from my parents. Paid for the course the same day.

After paying, communication wasn’t as friendly. They are super busy I guess, communicating with new arrivals, but I think they really should have a designated staffer whose job it is to settle in the newbies.

There were course assignments to be completed, but for all the hard graft I put into writing these, their responses were very brief and it was obvious they hadn’t fully read through what had been required of me to submit to them.

This started to make me feel really suspicious, and I began to do some deep research into the company. It’s actually a private company owned by Teach Away. Their website makes it seem as though they are a non-profit .org and that you are going to save the world. They are not, They are a private company, that oversees a few TEFL courses, including the OISE University of Toronto TEFL.

Your TEFL certificate will be worthless in North America because although it has the University of Toronto name flashing like a neon light all over marketing materials, the certificate is actually issued by Teach Away. Not the University of Toronto.

So, it’s basically the standard international TEFL certificate online that you can also earn from tefl online pro except the “University of Toronto” Online TEFL costs over $1,000.

It’s a scam, and I will be writing to the university to complain, and to my bank to begin a chargeback process.

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  1. Which other online platforms to take the TEFL course would you recommend instead? thank you for the review. I found it very helpful!

  2. I just don’t understand why anyone would drop over $1,000 US on this TEFL course when the one I took with teflonlinepro.com cost only $300 US.

    Both programs are fully accredited, both cover the same TEFL syllabus, both offer international job guidance after the course, and both are internationally recognized.

    I would go with the TEFL Online Pro 120 hours course.


    I wrote a review about my experience with them.


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