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“I completed my MYTEFL course in bed, in my pyjamas! :)”

5 star online tefl review

MyTEFL review, submitted by Jason.

It was either going to be a full-time TEFL course in Prague, or taking one online and then looking for work when I arrived. I chose the latter option, and so happy that I did. You get to save a heap of $$$$ and you don’t need to attend classes at certain times. I completed my MYTEFL course in bed, in my pyjamas! 🙂 And the result was exactly the same. Finding a job in Prague was like shooting fish in a barrel. I’m working with another onliner, who also took his TEFL online, and agrees with me that those CELTA or CELTA “equivalent” courses are a complete waste of time and money. Take your TEFL online. All will be well!

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  1. Took my online TEFL with tefl online pro. At the time, it was cheaper than taking it with MyTEFL, and I see it still is. The training and support I received from tefl online pro was outstanding. I’ve met people with MyTEFL certificates who never seem to know how to teach properly. TEFL mill?

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