“went into silent mode when I inquired about help finding work overseas.”

2 star online tefl review

Teflen review, submitted by SAl.

Not worth the money or stress. Their sign up process is complicated to the point of wanting to tear out your hair. The course was ok, but I have no other point of comparison whether it is good or poor. They cover what I imagine are all the main points needed to satisfy a school employer. They are based in New York, and as I am too, I thought I’d pop round to pick up my certificate instead of relying on the infamous NYC postal system. I searched and searched, but never did locate their offices. Seemed a little dubious to me. Receiving my certificate through the post turned out fine in the end, apart from a few areas of damage to two of the corners of the envelope. Luckily though, the certificate was intact. I would give this course a much higher star rating if they focused more on the student, and less on the money they get from you. This is an expensive course compared with other similar programs on the market. I guess they need to charge more, for the NYC offices I couldn’t locate. It did the job, but didn’t leave me very impressed. They also went into silent mode when I inquired about help finding work overseas.

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