The TEFL Institute of Ireland

“I just didn’t feel I received value for money.”

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The TEFL Institute of Ireland review, submitted by Iain.

The website offers too many TEFL course options. I mean does one really need a 240-hour TEFL certificate? I don’t understand why they offer so many course options. A mate took their 120-hour TEFL course and I thought the 180-hour one would place me at an advantage. But when we compared the course materials, they appeared to us anyway as practically the same, with some stuffing added for the course I took. I’m not disputing the validity of this school. I just didn’t feel I received value for money. My mate who took the 120 hours was reasonably satisfied. We are both worried about the validity of the certification. My mate wet his feet by applying for a job overseas and the school had never heard of the Ireland TEFL Institute. It’s early days. Pray, I didn’t throw my money into a fictitious pot of gold at the end of some TEFL rainbow. They were for the large part nice people though at

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