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TEFL Full Circle 120 Hour 17 Module course review (2019)

2 star online tefl review

TEFL Fullcircle review, submitted by A.P.

The interface was a complete mess. Would crash when I was in the middle of saving my work. Was often offline over the weekends, and often during (their) night, which was (my daytime) when I had my short study window.

I foolishly bought it on a 87% reduction, which at first felt like a steal, but there’s a reason for the huge discount.

Study content was very uninspiring. Might as well have bought a TEFL book and printed out a certificate myself.

The spam mail was an issue which didn’t stop for a good year after I’d said “se ya laters” to TEFL Full Circle. They really push for the up-sell. God, it was like flying Ryanair, only worse.

I’m giving the TEFL Full Circle 120 Hour 17 Module course 2 stars.

I paid for a TEFL Full Circle TEFL course, and I did receive one. Albeit, one I would never, ever recommend anyone taking.

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