“ TEFL online course: the Laughing Cow cheese of the TEFL world.”

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2 star online tefl review

MyTEFL review, submitted by Kathy.

Saw their webpage’s 30% off discount offer and impulsively purchased the course. I mean there wasn’t exactly a lack of links online to My TEFL so I assumed I’d be in safe hands.

The enrollment process was excellent. No issues with the payment, and I received course access to their 120 Hour course almost instantaneously.

The price advertised, was the price I received.

But then the communication went dead.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not the type of person who craves the comfort of having their questions answered, even if that individual mostly knows the answer to the question already, or simply hasn’t fully read through the program’s website contents. But I did expect at least some back and forth once I had paid and purchased the course. All I received was an automated response and access to the first module. To really improve their service, they really ought to issue a bespoke email that makes you feel there is a real person on the other end who cares.

Some of the course material assignments were difficult, but most were ridiculously easy and I felt that my intelligence was experiencing the psychological version of being insulted.

You will earn some useful teaching tips, but don’t expect to take this course and really learn anything of value that will prepare you for teaching English.

The course reminded me a little of Hans Christian Andersen’s, The Emperor’s New Clothes: a glossy brochure website design, but when purchased, nothing of real relevance to the said promises listed on

Because I have a notebook, two hands, and a brain – and because I needed this certificate to prove to my parents that I wasn’t a complete college funky – I passed the course. To them, it seemed to signify a more positive route in my life. To me, I might as well have read a book, designed my own certificate, and laser-printed it off in our attic apartment.

Perhaps this is how My TEFL started off themselves?

I haven’t begun looking for work yet, as I’m not interested in paying My TEFL more money through one of their “worldwide” internship programs. Seems this is a growing concern across the board as I’ve noticed quite a few TEFL programs offering glossy mag internships – I suspect are about as glossy as the toilet paper we used to be financially warranted to purchase in our Freshman Year.

Must admit, that I’ll feel a little embarrassed presenting the My TEFL certificate at job interviews. But, if it dies the job, then I can always start teaching and then take a more thorough, professional course at a later date. TEFL online course: the Laughing Cow cheese of the TEFL world.

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