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“Take this course. Change your life. Find the sweet spot in your life.”

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4 star online tefl review

tefl online pro review, submitted by Claire. G.

Up until recently, I lived in the lovely town of Kampot, in Cambodia, trying to make meets end by selling pretty much anything (legal!) you can think of, through eBay.

I’m a fully trained Social Worker, and while that came as an advantage living and working in Germany, I found that my nationality was a common handicap when it came to applying for jobs overseas, despite being C2 English language capable.

Despite falling in love with the Kampot lifestyle, a combination of family peer pressure and an internal desire to progress up the ladder in life made me want to better my social standing.

I mean, serving drinks to inebriated Brits has its advantages – tips mainly – but had this road I’d chosen for myself been a wise one?

A couple of months before I hit the big 30, I got talking to one of the bars’ patrons, and he seeded within me the concept of earning money through teaching English. He said I could make up to €4,000 per month, teaching little brats English, in Japan.

But, there was a catch.

No, he didn’t want to sleep with me. Although, given the opportunity, I doubt he would have refused.

The catch was that I needed to take a teaching English course.

He (Chris) who turned out to be a solid human being, recommend I take the tefl online pro 140-hour Hybrid course, which came with 20 hours of teaching practice.

$549 seemed a lot to me at the time, but Chris sat me down on one of the bar stools looked me squarely in the eyes – and asked where I saw myself in five years.

I internally wept.

That very evening, I enrolled in the course and haven’t looked back since.

OK. This isn’t the feel-good review of 2019.

It was a tough course. I had to reprogram my grammatical mind from German to English, but as I progressed, it all just came to me.

I passed the methodology section of the course with flying colors.

For the 20 teaching practicum hours, Chris contacted a Kampot local school for me, who were absolutely ecstatic that I would be coming to guinea pig teach their (adorable!) children. And so, it was on!

tefl online pro sent me my Lesson Plan forms, and at the end of each class, I would need to complete a form, scan it, and then email it off to their office. The feedback I received was so constructive and encouraged me to make my next lesson better than the last one.

So, all for $549, I gained a CELTA equivalent teaching English qualification, which I studied when I basically felt like it.

My certificate arrived a couple of weeks and a bit later, and comparing it to a friend’s cert she took with one of those full-time Onsite TEFL courses, there was no difference at all in the quality of the certificate.

So, I thought it was a sweet deal.

The following month, I quit my Kampot bar job and was on a flight to Japan, where I have been teaching ever since.

Oh yeah, I have dual citizenship, so without my US passport, I doubt it would have been so easy getting my teaching jig in Tokyo. I never mentioned on my job application that I’m also a holder of a German passport.

Kampot was definitely more fun than how I find living in Tokyo so far, but a girl gotta grow up sometime.

Besides, Japan quickly grows on you.

I’m not giving the tefl online pro program five stars, because I am not a five-star review type of girl. I tend, instead, to feel that three stars are the sweet spot that all companies deserve.

Damn you tefl online pro! I gave my first-ever four-star review! 🙂

Take this course. Change your life. Find the sweet spot in your life.

Claire. G. – proud TEFL course graduate.

Hybrid 140-Hour combined Online/Onsite international TEFL/TESOL certification course. https://teflonlinepro.com/140-hour-hybrid/

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  1. Hi there, Claire.

    Thank you so much for taking the time to review your Hybrid international TEFL/TESOL combined certification course experience.

    We work so hard to maintain our position as leading Online TEFL certification course provider, and reviews such as this one, Claire, help motivate us even more to progress further.

    I completely agree with you that teaching in Japan is not for everyone, and I would recommend anyone reading this comment to perhaps consider an alternative EFL destination if they feel that teaching in Japan wouldn’t work for them. There are so many other countries, worldwide, to choose to teach English in.

    And, thank you very much for describing our 140-Hour Hybrid course as being a ‘sweet deal’! 🙂

    Let’s hope Japan continues to grow on you, and please remember that our International Job Support Team is at the ready, if and when you feel that you have had your fill of Japan, and long for a different teaching English abroad location.

    Paul Murphy
    Operations Manager

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