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“ Online TEFL/TESOL Course: 120-Hour Master Certificate review”.

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4 star online tefl review

Bridge TEFL review, submitted by Brian.

I attended this course, with trepidation, without really knowing for certain what to expect. Friends advised me to avoid taking a TESOL course online, but the online program reviews spoke a different picture. I can now write, with the benefit of hindsight, that it was well worth the energy, money, and time.

While I thought the course layout was excellent, as too was staff support, it wasn’t the best course I have taken online, but the TESOL certification at the end speaks volumes.

I am so looking forward to announcing to my current boss to stick it where the sun doesn’t shine, leaving my factory job behind, and beginning a new chapter of my life abroad overseas. Hence, the four-star review: haven’t started my job search yet.

Teaching English in an exotic location, earning money to fund my travels, helping people as I do so, and never having to fit car parts again. TEFL and TESOL certification courses discount on

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