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“OISE University of Toronto TEFL | Teach Away. Most Popular TEFL (120 Hours) TESOL course review.”

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OISE University of Toronto TEFL review, submitted by Rather Not Say.

OISE University of Toronto TEFL | Teach Away. Most Popular TEFL (120 Hours) TESOL course review.

I do realize that a name added to a review makes it more believable for the reader, but I’ve recently completed the 120-hour “Most Popular” course by OISE University of Toronto TEFL | Teach Away, and because I might still need a reference from them, I wish to keep my identity private – for fear of possible retribution.

I chose this program because I had plans to move to Canada to teach EFL and what could be more reputable than a TEFL certificate from a university-endorsed course? Sure, the $1,295 program cost was way more than other similar TEFL TESOL online programs, but having my certificate issued through the University of Toronto was an expense I was willing to pay a premium for.

As soon as I had begun the course, I realized I’d made a massive error of judgment.

The course materials are outdated. You are made to wait for assignments feedback, and when it does arrive it gives the impression that it was just marked by some intern because a grade was given, perhaps a sentence or two of feedback, and that was all. I found this terribly motivating after spending so much time completing each assignment because it was obvious from the feedback that my assignments were not fully read.

Communication with the school is quite good, but you do need to wait up to a week for a response. Please don’t assume here that I’m one of those people who ask a zillion questions either. I only needed help a couple of times during the course, so only requested answers to two of my course-related questions.

Within six months I finally received my certificate, which looks pretty amazing btw. But when I began applying for EFL positions within Canada, I was told the certificate is not accepted by Canadian institutions. It can only be used overseas, like the many other online TEFL courses listed here on trusted tefl reviews.

They do provide helpful job assistance through their Teach Away office. Nothing really substantial though, and I got the feeling that Teach Away acts as a secondary money pool whereby they try to convince you to sign up for an internship abroad, and by doing so they take a commission.

Definitely not worth the money.

It was a good course. I learned a lot. But wish I’d spent $1,000 less and just gone with an online TEFL program that doesn’t falsely hide behind a university label.

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