“great course for someone just wanting to get hold of a Tefl certificate”

2 star online tefl review

MyTEFL review, submitted by Amy.

Like some others who have written their My Tefl review on Trusted Tefl Reviews, I also had issues with My Tefl which were similar to their red flag review warnings.

Such a shame though that I only came across this reviews site last weekend, because the amount of positive online feedback of their program in travel blogs (which I now discover are promoted through the My Tefl affiliates program) convinced me to purchase, but no sooner had I begun, I realized the positive buzz didn’t match reality.

I thought the course was very so-so. Not nearly as “amazing” as I’d been led to believe. Felt like a Tefl mill to me. The course is arranged into modules and you need to pass a multiple choice quiz after each one. I could have learned just as much by reading an online book about Tefl, because it’s a text-heavy course and the multiple choice questions are so easy it’s a joke. So yes, I completed and passed the course, but I didn’t really feel that I had earned it, and I didn’t really feel that I had learned that much either.

Perhaps this is a great course for someone just wanting to get hold of a Tefl certificate, for work visa reasons. In this case, I do recommend this course.

I also had issues with the employment process, and felt completely at a loss at times, given My Tefl supposedly have this awesome job finding support. Not. Yes, if you want to work for lower than average money then sign up for one of their internships. This way you will be guaranteed a job. But if you don’t want to accept a crappy job through My Tefl, you won’t receive any help finding work on your own. And this is my biggest complaint about this Tefl Tesol course.

So to conclude. If you are someone just looking for a bit of paper to show you took a Tefl course, take this one. If you are wanting quality Tefl Tesol training and help finding work, don’t take this one.

Sorry if I come over as being so negative, but I had high hopes going with this program, based on a heap of positive feedback online. Instead, I’m left feeling frustrated with the whole experience.

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