“I took the 120 hour online TEFL and completed it over a weekend.”

3 star online tefl review

UNI-Prep review, submitted by Pete.

If you are looking for a no-hassle online course to get your TEFL certificate the course offered by Uniprep will likely tick all the boxes. It’s a straightforward course to study and only a pass rate of 50% is require to pass the course. Likely there must be some people who fail the course but I’d imagine that number is very low given the low bar pass rate. The course consists of a series of videos with questions to complete and submit and I personally liked this set up. I took the 120 hour online TEFL and completed it over a weekend.

The videos though should really be updated as they are just a series of slides with audio and the production quality is something you would have expected in the 90’s. As another reviewer on here also mentioned they kind of make it mandatory to like their Facebook page and for you to leave a review online while you are waiting to receive your certificate. They explain that by doing so they can speed up the final grading process before issuing the certificate. Can’t imagine what this “grading” consists of as apart from the final percentage mark no other numbers appear on the certificate. Have spoken to other teachers and they were never requested to do this by their TEFL school. Oh well, I guess that’s just business, but it did raise a few red flags for me.

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  1. The 120-hour aspect seems pretty bogus if you were able to do it in 48 hours. On the surface, it looks like they just used that number because it is pretty standard.

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