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2 star online tefl review

ITTT review, submitted by Thomas.

For such a well-established Tesol program I expected more and my overall experience of the Ittt program was disappointing.

The course is well-structured and covers some of the major TEFL topics. My tutor, I’m sure, would have been excellent if I had paid the extra $$ but for a course that sets you back $239 I expected tutor support as part of the course package. The 120-hour course did cover a lot of grammar, including Phonology, but I thought what it lacked was in explaining lesson planning and the practicalities of effectively planning for different types of classes.

They advertise the course as originally being $340, but I would wager that no one has ever purchased the course for that amount of money. It’s basically a $239 course with no tutor support and little job guidance; despite advertising “Lifetime Job Guidance” as part of the course offer.

They have a lot of very positive reviews listed on Google, which you can see for yourself. But my gut feeling is that the reviews are written by the Ittt staff.

Yes, you probably can use the certificate in the countries which they claim you can, but without that “Lifetime Job Guidance” service advertised, it is murky water which you really need help to walk you through.

After 3 months I still haven’t had any luck finding teaching English work abroad.

I would give the course 3 stars, but their support 1 star.

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  1. Well, I for one will be voting ITTT for the online TEFL/TESOL international certification course Teachers’ Choice Award winner, 2019. They might be a large organization and may have lost that initial customer service spark, but I still feel they are one of the best, if not the best, international TEFL/TESOL online certification programs on the market today.

  2. Hi ittt.
    This type of comment kind of goes against our rules of impartiality, but we will let it slide this one time.
    In future, could you please keep to addressing the issues raised in published reviews, such as responding with a given solution to a negative review, or a thank you to a positive review. Thank you.
    Mia Williams.

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