“Good online TEFL company but lacking some essential features”

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MyTEFL review, submitted by Kevin.

It seems that MyTEFL is definitely aiming to corner the online TEFL course market with what seems like an omnipresence on most TEFL forums and graduate blog posts. I did notice that they have a lot of positive reviews on some reviews websites where they pay for advertising and I think anyone with a keen mind should take those reviews with a huge pinch of salt. I’m so glad that I stumbled across Trusted TEFL Reviews because at least here I can’t see any blatant school monetary advertising, which definitely makes me trust the reviews on this website a lot more than the others which make money from the schools they publish reviews of.

I actually fell for this trap. I won’t say what the other reviews website was, but it is a very popular one which ranks highly on Google search. MyTEFL pay for advertising on that site and they also have a 5-star consistent rating. It’s a terribly immoral business model as the TEFL Course website Review owner will want to keep receiving money from MyTEFL’s advertising and this raises the question of how both would react when a true, negative review was published. I think we can all guess that MyTEFL would likely ask for the review to be taken down and the reviews site would likely do it so as to keep its business relationship with MyTEFL.

So, I’m eternally grateful for finding Trusted TEFL Reviews as it is obvious from looking at the site that they publish all verified reviews and don’t need to suck up to the TEFL schools who might be unhappy with a negative review here and there.

Anyway, back to the MyTEFL TESOL course which I trudged through recently.

You know, it was OK. I did notice a few typos in the texts which at first had me wondering whether I should apply for a refund, but I kept going through the course materials and in a week I was through the 120-hour TEFL course, having spent less than 30 study hours on it.

They act (mostly) in a professional manner and I was provided with help throughout the duration of the course. But, their job guidance support was severely lacking in depth.

I did have tutor assistance services available throughout my studies, but because of the simplicity of the course, I never not once required this help.

My overall impression of the MyTEFL experience was that it would have been cheaper (and probably resulted in the same outcome) if I had simply bought a teaching English book from a bookstore instead of spending the money to take this course. But I guess then that I wouldn’t have received the TEFL certificate.

MyTEFL is a good online TEFL company, but lacking some essential features. I definitely wouldn’t recommend MyTEFL, but I would recommend teaching and travel abroad. Just make sure to choose your course carefully.

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