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Review of the Enjoy TEFL Online TEFL certification course program

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3 star online tefl review

Enjoy TEFL review, submitted by Lisa.

Enjoy TEFL runs their online course on the Udemy.com learning platform, which is a little complicated to use at first, but you soon become used to it and I ended up liking it a lot.

The course (I took the 120-Hour Advanced TEFL Course) was much cheaper than other programs I was researching at the time of choosing which program to go with, but this does reflect the level of services provided.

I wouldn’t necessarily write to not take your TEFL with Enjoy TEFL. Just thoroughly research all of your options before making your final choice. There are a ton of course possibilities and my advice isn’t to go for the one which seems to be the cheapest. You do get what you pay for.

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