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MyTEFL review, submitted by anonymous.

When I was in the process of choosing an international Tefl/Tesol online school to go with I naturally began searching for reviews. MyTefl was one of the companies which came up time and time again in organic Google searches and I began reading how completely amazing this company is and how many completely satisfied graduates they have teaching around the world.

I must admit, I became horse blinkered and I began to want to be like one of these successful graduates which had dedicated their time online to thanking this awesome school for their experience.

And then the penny dropped. Soon after I paid and started the MyTefl course, which incidentally was their 120-Hour Online TEFL course.

I don’t want to write the course content and course support was terrible because it wasn’t terrible. It just wasn’t that good and it was when I was coming to the end of the course that I began to take a deeper look into the reviews that had convinced me to take this course it was a bit like a movie twist. I realized that MyTefl runs a few of the review websites which they only feature on and there are also lots of websites set up by graduates of their course who are part of their affiliate program. It seems from the motivation levels of some of these people that they would sell their own Grandma a MyTefl course in order to earn their commission.

Of course, I understand we live in a capitalist economy and there is nothing wrong with making money. But I think it raises difficult questions, such as the ones I began asking myself when a company pays its graduates a commission for finding new recruits, and those graduates start-up websites with glowing reviews in order to entice new students in. It just feels all wrong to me.

I’m not saying don’t take a MyTefl course. It was OK. But I definitely didn’t receive any sort of level of services like the ones described on their school website or described by the many graduates who are listed on reviews sites they run or sites the graduates have set up themselves.

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